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we are at war

each issue of our catalog is themed, and the theme of the first HQ Supply Catalog is war – civil, cold, hot, ideological, personal, political, social, and everything in between.

in times of opposition, staying inspired and having the right tools is key to victory. the first edition explores the various types of conflict that people and communities are actively involved in or preparing for, and how to best equip ourselves to not only survive, but thrive.


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the HQ Supply Catalog is all about Inspiration, Knowledge, and Tools for people in the pursuit of Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.

types of submissions

  • Howtos and Tutorials
  • Written and Video Reviews of Products
  • Short Fiction
  • Written, Photo, and Video Essays
  • Poetry
  • Art
  • Products or Category Ideas

topics for submission include things relating to urban fashion, tech, urban farming, 3d printing, urban and outdoor gear, off-grid solar, mesh networking, and digital nomad gear.


how to submit your work

fill out the submission form or send your submissions to there is no submission fee.

compensation varies based on type of submission (type, quality) and will be mutually agreed upon before publication.

if you are a product vendor, you are welcome to suggest your own stuff, just make sure to acknowledge your affiliation.

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why contribute?

the HQ Supply Catalog is a curated collection of inspiration, knowledge, and tools that promote independent learning and self-sufficiency. we engage with our customers to help share their knowledge and creativity with the community.


frequently asked questions

have a question? send it to


how closely do I have to match the theme?

the theme for the first edition is "We are at War", but don't take that too literally. we are looking for submissions that show how you equip yourself to fight - whether that's fighting the sun, inequality, or your own motivation. the theme of the next issue is "Create Joy" and we will be announcing the deadline soon.

what is an example of a review

in this age of fake reviews and counterfeit products, we are looking for authenticity. reviews are straightforward, something you might send to a friend about a product you think they would like. for example:

Northbooks Dots A5 Softcover Notebook: These notebooks are my go to for capturing ideas and working through problems. The dots are very light and unobtrusive for drawing, but make it easy to write in a straight line. The pages are thick enough so you can't see through the paper. The softcover finish feels nice and keeps the book relatively clean when I throw it in my backpack. Large enough to capture an idea, but small enough to carry all the time. I'm on my 5th one.

what if I found a review that someone else wrote on another site that I think is great?

great! we compensate for tips, so if we decide to use that review, we will contact the author directly for permission and make sure you and the original author are rewarded for your contribution.

is my [review, photo, essay] ready to submit?

submissions start a conversation, and if what you submit matches the theme and shows potential, we can help you develop it from there.

where do I submit my work?

you can use this submission form or email